This week Mayor Sly James announced the appointment of Friends of Hale Cook Board Member Julie Holland as the first-ever Education Advisor to serve a KCMO Mayor. Julie will focus on developing innovative community partnerships to support student achievement across Kansas City’s 14 school districts. Read more about this exciting new role here. Congratulations, Julie! We’re thrilled for you and equally enthusiastic about the great contributions you are making to the Hale Cook community.

Construction starts December 1 and we have some yard work to do!

Would you be willing to help us move some mulch to make room for dumpsters?

KCPS will begin renovating Hale Cook next month and we’re so excited to see the building come to life. However, we know that we need to do our part by helping to move a pile of donated mulch so that trucks and dumpsters can be placed for construction. We need a few volunteers with shovels and wheelbarrows to help us move this pile – consider it a great opportunity to give back AND burn off a few calories in advance of Thanksgiving! If you are interested in helping either this weekend or next, please contact Susan Stocking and let her know. We appreciate your help!

Enrollment for 2014-2015 begins in December!

Hale Cook enrollment open to kindergarten through second grade

We will be announcing a great schedule of information sessions, coffee breaks, open houses, and other activities starting the first week of December as KCPS opens enrollment for the 2014-2015 school year. Our Hale Cook Transition Coordinator, Julie Lynch, is working with KCPS to confirm whether Pre-K will be offered in Fall 2014. More details on this and our schedule of events by the end of this month!

In the meantime, if you would like to help us with our enrollment campaign – as a volunteer or an event sponsor – please let us know! We appreciate your support.

Happy Thanksgiving!

From our families to yours…

Friends of Hale Cook has a lot to be grateful for this year – our first kindergarten and first grade students and their families at Hale Cook @ Hartman, our teachers, Dr. Kirksey, the KCPS administration and our new Hale Cook Transition Coordinator Julie Lynch, our supportive community and the great things to come in the years ahead.

We hope you, your families and neighbors have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.