KCPS has opened enrollment for Kindergarten through Second Grade for the 2014-2015 school year at Hale Cook Elementary School. On Monday, December 2 we hosted our first information session and were pleased to meet parents ready to enroll students for next Fall. Our target is to fill two kindergarten, two first grade, and one second grade class for a total of about 125 students – and we know we have nearly 45% of our goals reached with just the number of students already identified in the catchment area.

We will continue to provide updates on our progress throughout this enrollment period as KCPS will begin the principal hiring process as soon as we have a critical mass. Get your applications in early so you can help us attract the best talent to Hale Cook Elementary School!

Enrollment Forms + Getting Your Application In

Enrollment forms are available through links on our website or through the KCPS website. We have also provided you with several FAQs which we will continue to update throughout the enrollment period. Please join us for any of our upcoming information sessions and meetings with current parents to get your questio

2014 Enrollment Information-01

ns answered and learn more about our growing neighborhood school. Check out our calendar of events for more details.

Once you have completed your application and collected the necessary supporting documentation, we recommend you drop-off your form at Hartman Elementary (8111 Oak Street) to the Hale Cook Transition Coordinator, Julie Lynch. She is available on Monday mornings at Hartman to receive your application. If that time doesn’t work, let us know and we can help you coordinate alternative times to meet her and hand in your paperwork.

Help us spread the word!

Do you know someone who might be interested in Hale Cook Elementary? Do you attend a local pre-K program that might have prospective families for next year? Are you part of a local community organization that might be able to help us reach out to your members and neighbors with information about next year? Please feel free to pass on this flyer to help us pass on information. Friends of Hale Cook volunteers are also available to come make brief presentations and attend your meetings to answer questions – just let us know!