You may not be familiar with our efforts over the past two and a half years to assess interest in reopening Hale Cook Elementary School. We’ve gone door-to-door, hosted open houses and community focus groups, started a community garden, and sought your input as we developed a public school model Friends of Hale Cook to serve the Brookside-Waldo neighborhoods. Our vision is for a walkable, bikable, transit-accessible public school that is open to all members of our community. We expect high level parent and neighbor involvement both in the classrooms and around campus. No wait lists for what we believe will become the top choice of parents in our neighborhood – if you live within the boundaries, this is your elementary school.

Now it is time to make this vision a reality.

In our conversations with the Kansas City Public School Superintendent Stephen Green, we all agreed that yes, this would be good for our public school system. However, the school district has major priorities right now – focusing on this schools that are currently open – so it has been up to us, the community, to demonstrate that we really want to make Hale Cook Elementary our neighborhood school. This is why we are launched a feasibility study.

We want to understand what your perception of the school district is – and the potential barriers to opening the school. We also want to know if you would consider sending your (current and/or future) children to a neighborhood public school if this option were available. Even if you don’t have children that might attend Hale Cook Elementary, we want to know if you support this initiative.

Thank you!

In October 2012, we exceeded our goal of 500 survey responses with 557 survey responses from across our community. This feedback was instrumental in the development of a feasibility study which for the School District and has ultimately led to the decision to reopen Hale Cook Elementary in Fall 2013. We encourage you to take a look at the final report and thank you for you support!