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How to be a good friend to your school

Be trustworthy
From handling donations to answering public questions, be trustworthy by keeping your word, being dependable, and respecting others. It’s okay if you don’t know the answer to a question – say so and then see if you can find the answer.
Be supportive
Volunteer your time for others whether in the classroom, at a work day, or raising funds and awareness. We all have something to contribute in our own way. Friends help friends in times of need so be a good listener and offer your help and innovation to help get through any struggles together.
Make your friendship last
Maintain positive communication with the key parties of your school and develop relationships whether it’s by baking cookies at appreciation days, sending holiday cards, or meeting for a morning coffee. Allow your friendship to evolve; your relationship with your school will change and grow as the times change – being open to change will allow you to grow with your school.

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