Flood at Hale Cook

Wednesday night there was a flood in the basement at Hale Cook due to a broken pipe. Thankfully it was contained in the basement and did not affect classrooms or hallways. Clean up efforts are well underway. It will take several days, but will be completed in time for school to start on August 10. If you need office […]

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86% Extremely Likely

The headline of this article is not referring to the chance of rain, but rather, the results of a recent survey of Hale Cook parents showing that 86% of them are extremely likely to recommend Hale Cook to a friend! And we recommend that you recommend away!

As this inaugural re-opening year of Hale Cook draws to a […]

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School breakfast and lunches free for all KCPS students

Per an email from Principal Lynch, all students will be able to eat breakfast and lunch for free for the 2014-2015 school year thanks to a recent grant to KCPS.

We weren’t able to find any good details on the KCPS website, so here’s a link to a local news report.


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KCPS updates Hale Cook page content

The KCPS website includes pages dedicated to each of its schools. The information on the page for Hale Cook Elementary School has recently been updated and will have ongoing content improvements. Check back regularly for more details!
While Friends of Hale Cook works in partnership with KCPS, please rely on the KCPS content first as they are the operators of […]

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New information available for Hale Cook Pre-K Families

From Principal Lynch:

Staff– I have hired an experienced, certified teacher.  She is eager to meet you all and we hope to have a school-wide Open House soon.  (the building renovations are still on-going and I can’t let people in the building yet.)
The district has decided to allow all Pre-K parents to apply for an educational subsidy.  The forms should […]

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