How much are school lunches?

School lunches are free at KCPS schools for the 2014-2015 school year. Hale Cook Elementary School has a warming kitchen where hot meals can be prepared for students.

What supplies will we need at the beginning of school?

Principal Lynch is developing a Parent Handbook which will be available before school starts. However, if you’re keeping an eye out for good deals this summer on school supplies, here’s a list to get you started:


  • Backpack
  • Gluesticks (2)
  • Box of tissues (2)
  • 24-box of Crayons (1)
  • Blunt scissors
  • Package of #2 pencils (1)
  • Large pink eraser
  • Baby wipes
  • Nap mat

Kindergarten, First and Second Grades

  • Backpack
  • Gluesticks (4)
  • Bottle of glue (1)
  • Box of tissues (2)
  • 24-box of Crayons (2)
  • Scissors
  • Packages of #2 pencils (2)
  • Large pink eraser
  • Dry erase markers (2)
  • Spiral notebooks (2)
  • 2-pocket folders (2)
  • Large bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Plastic pencil box
  • Composition notebook (1)
  • Earbuds


Is there a school uniform?
The Hale Cook dress code for the 2014-2015 school year is:
Tops: Navy or white shirts with collar and plain front.
Bottoms: Navy or khaki shorts, pants, skirts or jumpers.
What are my options for before and after school care?

Friends of Hale Cook is really excited that KCPS will be bringing LINC to Hale Cook in August 2014. This before and after-school program has been really enjoyable for this year’s students and will be a great addition for families who needed extended care for their students.

Here are some details:

  • Before school programming starts at 7AM and runs until school starts.
  • After school programming runs from the end of school until 6PM.
  • Enrollment fees are $25 per student. Tuition costs $15 per week for each student (no more than $30 per week per family) for students who pay for full lunch.

You can now enroll in LINC by visiting Hale Cook Elementary School, Room 115 between 9AM-4PM. If you enter the school from the main entrance at 73rd/Pennsylvania, walk straight down the hallway to the last room on the left. They will have all the paperwork for you there. The cost is $25 to enroll, and $25 for the rest of the year, so $50 total.

Check out the KCPS website for more information.

What are the school boundaries?

Boundary Map-01KCPS has determined the boundaries for Hale Cook Elementary School – many of the lines have been drawn with the intent of preserving existing KCPS school boundaries (such as Troost, Hartman and Paige Elementary Schools). The boundaries for the 2014-2015 school year will remain the same.

If you would like to verify whether you live within the school boundaries, use the KCPS school finder tool by clicking this link.

What type of school is Hale Cook?

Hale Cook Elementary School is a public elementary school in the Kansas City Public Schools district. Friends of Hale Cook completed a feasibility study in Fall 2012 for Superintendent Dr. Stephen Green, making a case for reactivating the mothballed elementary school at 73rd and Pennsylvania in Waldo. We are committed to working towards the success of all KCPS students and believe that engagement and support is key to a thriving public education system in Kansas City, Missouri.

We invite you to read our 2012 Feasibility Study for more background on why our neighborhood worked hard to bring Hale Cook Elementary School back to KCPS.

How do I learn more about Hale Cook Elementary School?

Additional information can be found on the official Kansas City Public Schools’ website for Hale Cook Elementary School: http://www.kcpublicschools.org/Page/3268

What is the school model?

Hale Cook Elementary School follows the standard KCPS curriculum with high parent and community involvement providing support for academic success. Our mission to create curious, collaborative and empathetic young people who are making a positive change in the community.

Friends of Hale Cook is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting our neighborhood school and is developing programs and resources to connect Hale Cook children to the community and city. We recently drafted a School Culture Blueprint for review by KCPS and that we will propose to the incoming principal.

How do I enroll at Hale Cook Elementary School?

Enrollment forms for first-time students can be downloaded at kcpublicschools.org/enrollment or available at any of our information sessions. There are several ways you can hand-in completed applications:

  • Drop-off your enrollment forms at KCPS Headquarters (1211 McGee Street) during business hours.
  • Bring your completed paperwork to one of our information sessions – when Julie Lynch is in attendance, you will be able to hand-in your forms. Check our calendar for more information.
  • You can also arrange a time to meet Principal Lynch to drop-off your forms. Please let us know if you would like to make those arrangements and we can get you in touch with her.

We will also announce additional dates when you can meet with Julie Lynch to drop off your forms. Sign-up for our email list for the latest updates!

PLEASE NOTE: The Pre-K Application for Hale Cook is actually the K-12 Enrollment Form. Just write “Pre-K Hale Cook” at the top of the form.

Who is eligible to enroll?

Hale Cook Elementary School is now enrolling students for Kindergarten, First and Second Grades for Fall 2014. Per KCPS policy, your child must be five years old by August 1, 2014 to be eligible for Kindergarten. If your child does not meet this age requirement but has attended pre-K, you may be able to request a waiver from KCPS.

As a neighborhood school, if you live within the school boundaries and your child is school age, you are eligible to attend Hale Cook Elementary School.

Who is the principal at Hale Cook?

KCPS appointed Ms. Julie Lynch, an educator with 18 years of experience, as the Hale Cook Principal in May 2014. Ms. Lynch has taught various grade levels in a variety of school settings. In Oklahoma, she was the principal of a K-3 grade school with 400 students. Since relocating to Kansas, she taught in the Blue Valley District for five years and was the Vice Principal at Wheatley Elementary and Paige Elementary in Kansas City Public Schools for two years. Ms. Lynch believes that “when parents, schools, and communities become collaborative partners that children will learn and thrive” and she is excited to be part of the Hale Cook project.

What is the tuition?

Hale Cook Elementary School is a public elemetnary school and there is no tuition to attend.