We’re having a Hale Cook Meetup at 3pm on Sunday, December 5th. The meetup will take place at the Waldo Taproom, located at 7433 Broadway (connected to Waldo Pizza). This is a social event to meet other interested parents, neighbors and organizers who are joining together to re-open Hale Cook Elementary as a true neighborhood school.

Both parents and children are welcome!  If you’re planning to attend the meetup, please RSVP here.


Hale Cook Open House: December 12th

An open house will be held at Hale Cook Elementary on Sunday, December 12th from 3pm-5pm. Come take a tour, meet other interested parents and neighbors, and ask questions of the District Administration and School Board Member(s).

Both parents and children are welcome! If you’re planning to attend the open house, please RSVP here.