You may  have noticed some changes around the campus as we are preparing the first phase of our community garden – the Butterfly Maze. This garden will feature native plants that will attract beautiful butterflies and create a great learning environment for the entire family. Right now, we’re laying down some cardboard and newspaper to eliminate the turf and create the areas for future plantings.

Last week, our volunteer, Holly Michael, planted the first of the butterfly bushes, generously donated by Matt Bunch of Powell Gardens. For more details on what’s going on, check out this nice update created by volunteer Sara Wiercinski. Thank you both for your help in this effort!

We’ll be hosting many opportunities for the community to get involved – we’re even waiting for a few mulch deliveries to really spruce it  up. If you or your family would be interested in coming to learn something about gardening, play in the dirt a little, and find out what it will take to make the Hale Cook campus a true neighborhood destination.