Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hale Cook Elementary?

Hale Cook Elementary is a beautiful 1920s-era school building at the corner of 73rd and Pennsylvania in the Waldo neighborhood in the Kansas City Public Schools district. The address is 7302 Pennsylvania Avenue, Kansas City, MO (but don’t send mail just yet – no one is there!).

I’d like to see Hale Cook reopened as a neighborhood school. What needs to happen to make that a reality?

IT’S HAPPENING! The District has confirmed that we will indeed be opening Hale Cook at Hartman Elementary in Fall 2013. For Year One, we will be co-located at our sister school under the direction of Principal Dr. Kirksy while Hale Cook Elementary undergoes renovations. However, enrollment is still open and we hope to continue to grow our student numbers. Application forms are available on our website or through Application forms are due to Hartman Elementary School (81st and Oak).

Where can I download Hale Cook Elementary application form?

Please submit an enrollment if you are considering Hale Cook an option. An enrollment form does not constitute a commitment, so if you are considering we need to register your interest.

Application forms are available for download here (pdf).

Fill out one form per child, and drop off the application at:
Hartman Elementary, 8111 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO

What is the proposed grade configuration?

Ultimately, Hale Cook will likely be a Pre-K through 6th grade configuration. However, in the first year, the actual configuration will include two kindergarten classrooms and one first grade classroom.

What are the proposed boundaries?

See the map on the Kansas City Public Schools website.

What is the school education model?

The current concept is that Hale Cook Elementary will be a “traditional”, neighborhood public school. Meaning it won’t be language immersion or Montessori, but will leverage core academic and enrichment content.

What can I do to help?

Enroll your child. Recruit three other children. Tell your neighbors.

Donate $10 (suggested) and support Hale Cook Elementary with a yard sign! Check out other opportunities, including partnering with the Friends of Hale Cook here.

Why is KCPS considering reopening this closed school?

KCPS is considering reopening Hale Cook (7302 Pennsylvania Ave.) after receiving a three year groundswell of support from families in the community for a neighborhood elementary school. Led by the Friends of Hale Cook community group, KCPS has set benchmarks for the community that will help determine if that interest is enough to warrant reopening the school.

What are the requirements the community must meet for KCPS to proceed with reopening Hale Cook?

Prior to May 3, 2013, KCPS must receive enrollment applications for 35 kindergartners and 20 first graders that do not currently attend KCPS schools. Construction/renovation will commence once the enrollment target is met. As such, Hale Cook will attend classrooms at Hartman Elementary until renovations at Hale Cook are complete; those renovations are expected to take nine months to complete.

What grade levels will Hale Cook serve?

For the 2013-2014 school year, Hale Cook would serve students in kindergarten and first grade. Those students would attend classes at Hartman Elementary until renovations are made to the Hale Cook building. For the 2014-2015 school year, Hale Cook would serve students in kindergarten through second grade.

How do I enroll my student, and what does it mean at this point?

Enrollment applications may be obtained at Hartman Elementary, 8111 Oak Street, or via download at Those applications must be returned by May 3, 2013. Students who enroll for Hale Cook will attend Hartman Elementary until the community meets enrollment requirements and renovations are complete. Hale Cook students will have their own classrooms at Hartman, but would be invited to participate in any school-wide events the Hartman School community hosts.

What are the school boundaries for Hale Cook?

The Hale Cook Elementary attendance boundaries are available at

Will Hale Cook have pre-kindergarten classrooms?

Hale Cook will not have early learning classrooms at this time.

How can I learn more about this project?

KCPS is providing multiple ways for the community to become better acquainted with this project:

  • An overview of the project is featured on
  • Superintendent Dr. R. Stephen Green will host an informational meeting on Hale Cook from 2 to 3pm on Sunday, March 24 at Hartman Elementary (8111 Oak Street)
  • A tour/meeting at Hartman Elementary will occur from 5:30pm-7:00pm, Tuesday, March 26
  • A tour/meeting at Hale Cook (7302 Pennsylvania Ave) will occur from 5:30pm-7:00pm, Thursday, March 28

What if I have more than one child to enroll but some of my children are older than first grade?

For the first year, students assigned to classrooms for second grade students or older will not be eligible to attend Hale Cook classrooms. Those students will be considered a Hartman Elementary, Paige Elementary or Troost Elementary student.

What happens if you get more children than you need for the first year? Will you open more classes?

KCPS will open the appropriate number of classrooms to serve Hale Cook-eligible students at Hartman initially, and then at the Hale Cook campus once it is prepared.

Will Hale Cook students have access to after school care at Hartman?

Yes. All elementary-aged KCPS students are eligible for LINC.

When will Hale Cook students move into the facility?

As a preliminary timeline, if the community meets the enrollment requirements, the building would open for the 2014-2015 school year. Appropriate upgrades to HVAC units and classrooms would be made.

How can I apply for a job at Hale Cook?

Once the building is open, all interested an qualified applicants may complete the online enrollment procedure at

Additional Questions?

Please email us at