A message from KCPS Board Chair Airick Leonard West:

The digital divide plagues our families and our communities. For too many of our KCPS scholars, it’s a defining chapter in the current story of disinvestment and uneven opportunity. It’s a narrative that we have allowed them to play a starring role in and that is daily undermining their educational achievement. In truth, as Kansas Citians we’ve been complacent and their struggles are the future we’ve created for them. But the story doesn’t have to end that way. Every once in a while, an opportunity comes along for us to take specific action toward a more just ending. An opportunity comes along to re-write the future.

The advent of Google Fiber represents a real opportunity to do exactly that. Join us for a conversation about why and how we are turning the page on the digital divide. Come prepared to discuss how we will co-author the Kansas City we all know is possible.

Hosts: Airick Leonard West, KCPS Board Chair and Carlos Casas
Wh All KCPS parent leaders, faculty and public education advocates
What: Visionary conversation and hands on demonstrations (served with heavy hors d’oeurves/beverages courtesy of Google)
When: Saturday , August 25 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Where: Google Fiber Space 1814 Westport Road Kansas City, MO 64111
RSVP: jmccloud@google.com or call 816-298-4844