From Principal Lynch:

  1. Staff– I have hired an experienced, certified teacher.  She is eager to meet you all and we hope to have a school-wide Open House soon.  (the building renovations are still on-going and I can’t let people in the building yet.)
  2. The district has decided to allow all Pre-K parents to apply for an educational subsidy.  The forms should be ready by Monday or Tuesday.  If you qualify (based on income) then your monthly tuition could be less then the $650.
  3. When school begins you will actually get an official contract form stating your monthly obligations.  The district has decided to go with a new company for payment purposes.  The new company will not be up and running until Sept or Oct. so until then you have some choices on how to pay.  If you want to pay with cash or check you can bring it to the Hale Cook office. (even though renovations are continuing, I have been able to get the office area opened and the secretary, Ms. Canady has started).  If you wish to pay with Visa or MC you have to go downtown and I suggest you call Brenda Lawless at 418-7922 before going because she is the only one who can take payments there.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  Once the new system is running you will get monthly statements and be able to pay electronically.  You can also pay weekly if you wish.
  4. Before/After School Care – the program that is provided for K-2nd grade (LINC) could not get the proper permits for Prek care.   However, the district saw the great need in this area and will offer this care for $50 a month.  This would be the same hours as the other program – 7am–9am and 4pm-6pm.  Let me know if you will be enrolling in this so I can  give the district an approximate number to prepare for.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Principal Lynch.