Hale Cook Elementary School

Hale Cook Elementary School is a neighborhood public school in the Kansas City Public School district. Opened in August 2013 as a result of a broad grassroots effort by the community to revitalize the mothballed building, Hale Cook Elementary School started as a school within a school, hosted by Hartman Elementary School. In Fall 2014, Hale Cook students students moved into the renovated school building. The school currently serves pre-k through 2nd grade students and will expand by adding an additional grade each year. As a neighborhood public school, families who live within the school boundaries are able to send their children to school without any concerns about waitlists, lotteries, or tuition.

Who Is Hale Cook Elementary?

Our Mission
Our mission is to create curious, collaborative and empathetic young people who are making a positive change in the community.
Hale Cook Elementary School follows the standards KCPS curriculum with an emphasis on academic excellence. Each student will have access to general education and classes such as music, art, and physical education. In the early years, we may share resources such as school nurses and art teachers with other KCPS schools. As the school grows, so too will our dedicated resources.
A Community Partnership
KCPS selected Julie Lynch as the Hale Cook Principal. A professional educator, Julie is working closely with Friends of Hale Cook to develop a model for sustained success.
Friends of Hale Cook
We have a dedicated nonprofit supporting Hale Cook Elementary School. As a 501c3, Friends of Hale Cook is able to pursue grants and funding to provide additional programming and resources to support a thriving academic environment.