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Friends of Hale Cook sing The Wheels on the Bus

The wheels are indeed turning to get Hale Cook Elementary open for Fall 2013!

To support our cause, the Friends of Hale Cook encouraged a sing along withe the Southtown Council, The Centurions Leadership Program of The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, Melissa Saubers, the Kansas City Public Schools Board of Directors, neighbors and community members to “The Wheels […]

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Info Session postponed due to snow

In the interest of keeping everyone safe, we’ve decided to postpone today’s information session with Superintendent Dr. Stephen Green until Sunday, April 14. However, we encourage you to still join us for tours of Hartman and Hale Cook Elementary this week (Tuesday and Thursday evenings). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us! Enjoy the […]

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Message from Superintendent Green

We have worked closely with the District to develop a sustainable proposal to reopen Hale Cook Elementary as a public school in our neighborhood. We’re excited by the partnership of the District and are pleased to share this message from Superintendent Dr. Stephen Green.

The Hale Cook School Project from Kansas City Public Schools on Vimeo.

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Enroll for Fall 2013!

Hale Cook 2013: The Future Starts Here
As we have shared with you in recent emails, Friends of Hale Cook has been working closely with the Kansas City Public School District (“District”) leadership over the past few months to review our proposal to open Hale Cook. The District has carefully considered several options – including timing of reopening the building […]

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Superintendent provides update on public schools

Today Steve Kraske interviewed Superintendent Green on the recent progress made by the Kansas City Public Schools. In a question from a caller, Catherine, Dr. Green answered some direct questions about the Hale Cook feasibility study and his support for our effort to reopen Hale Cook Elementary. Take a listen to this informative story but if you want to […]

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