Our vision is to re-open Hale Cook Elementary as a true neighborhood school. Hale Cook is part of our community, albeit, currently only a physical part. We wish to elevate it by re-opening it as a neighborhood school. The success and sustainability of Hale Cook will be directly tied to our level of ownership and support and the level to which our parents enroll their children. In partnership with the Kansas City Missouri School District, Hale Cook will be a high performing school that serves the needs of our neighborhoods. As part of that partnership, we – parents, neighbors and community members will work to achieve the following attributes:

Local Ownership

  • Parent input into principal selection. Parent participation in annual goal setting and review;
  • Parent and community input into the school-directed budget, of which we expect to expand in line with achievement;
  • An active parent/community group with a volunteer commitment;
  • A true neighborhood school (e.g., walk, bike, carpool to school; no busing);
  • To be financial self-sustaining (e.g., what we get from per pupil enrollment, grants, fundraising, and community partnerships).

Rigorous, Relevant Academics

  • High instructional rigor for all students embodied in the principal, faculty and curriculum;
  • 21st century skills development and continuous teacher training in best practices and instructional strategies;
  • Stable leadership in school administration;
  • A seamless transition to middle school;
  • Before and after school academic support and enrichment activities;
  • Arts, music, and foreign language offerings.

Positive Environment & Climate

  • A welcoming, customer service-focus environment;
  • A proactive discipline system with services available, if needed;
  • Well-maintained facilities, including the school and grounds;
  • Playground and potentially upgraded grounds (e.g., soccer field);
  • A whole child, well-being mindset inclusive of quality food options.

Enriching Activities & Opportunities

  • Extra-curricular activities (could be managed by a third-party, could be fee-for service);
  • A school open for community use and adult activities. Possibly offer pre-kindergarten and/or day care service (fee-for service).

We are continuing to refine our vision for Hale Cook. Check out what we have so far and get involved today!