Hale Cook will follow the KCPS standard core curriculum with strong support from parents and community members as volunteers in the classroom. A preliminary outline is available on the kcpublicschools.org website. Over the summer 2013, we will work closely with the District to better define what this looks like, what parents can expect, and how we can collaborate as partners to provide for a rigorous experience.

Before and after school academic support and enrichment activities will become an important part of the Hale Cook program to further enhance the academic environment. We believe as Friends of Hale Cook, in partnership with our sister schools such as Hartman Elementary and our community at-large, can help create exceptional opportunities for student learning and achievement for a holistic learning experience.

Neighborhood Priorities

As a community, we have outlined the following priorities to complement the core curriculum and will support these goals as the Friends of Hale Cook.


Inspire students to become stewards of the earth by becoming scientists in the classroom, through inquiry and application of scientific concepts and methods. Technology will play a significant role in helping generate excitement and interest.

Fine and Performing Arts

Inspire students to appreciate all art forms with performance participation, exposure to all art media, and learning fine arts in all subject areas. We propose the incorporation of school-wide annual performance to promote creativity amongst students and the opportunity to learn classical music through violin lessons.

Health and Wellness

Inspire students to understand the impact of life-style choices on their bodies and make wise decisions that will lead to their social, emotional, and physical well-being.

Reading and Language Arts

Inspire students to develop a lifelong love of and advocacy for reading and be able to comprehend, interpret, and analyze a variety of literature and provide foreign language offerings.


Inspire students to understand the daily and greater value of math concepts and application.

Social Sciences

Inspire students to understand the world at large, past and present, and their role as active citizens in their community and the world.

Special Education and ELL

Provide an inclusive learning environment, incorporating best practices to engage students of all abilities, language and background.


This vision is adapted from the vision statement of Nettelhorst School, our model for community engagement. Do you have ideas for the school vision? We want to hear from you. Contact the Friends of Hale Cook.